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Trade-In Value in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Trade-In Value in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time for anyone; luckily, at Riverview Lincoln, we feature a great selection of new and used cars for your consideration. As your preferred choice for Lincoln vehicles in Fredericton, New Brunswick, we are excited to offer a full-service dealership. Purchasing a vehicle from us is a seamless process, and if you plan on trading in your current vehicle, we have a great process in place to make it as easy as possible.

When trading in a vehicle, there are many questions that need to be answered. At Riverview Lincoln, we are here to help you through the process and ensure you come out completely satisfied. Below we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions by our loyal clientele. Continue reading to learn more and contact us if you have more questions.

What's My Car's Trade-In Value?

Your vehicle's trade-in value is the monetary value you will receive if you choose to sell your vehicle to us. Riverview Lincoln will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your vehicle so we can provide you top market value. You will be able to put this amount towards purchasing a new or used vehicle in our large inventory.

How much is My Car Worth?

Several factors need to be considered when decided how much a vehicle is worth. As we mentioned, the process is seamless; you can either utilize our online trade-in tool or bring the vehicle to the dealership.

Once a vehicle is brought to us, and the process is complete, you will receive a trade-in value appraisal sheet. Some of the essential factors that we consider are as follows:

  1. The vehicle year, make, model, and exact trim level.
  2. If your vehicle has any extra add-ons or options
  3. How many kilometers are current on the odometer
  4. The exterior and interior condition of the vehicle.
  5. The current marketplace will play a significant role. Looking into the value of your vehicle in our local area.
  6. If the vehicle has previously been in a collision

When do I Trade My Car in to get the Best Value?

Like the majority of consumer goods, a vehicle will depreciate over time. Two factors that will help to slow this decline are the number of kilometres driven and the amount of wear and tear it accumulates. To maximize your trade-in value, it is best to keep your vehicle in pristine condition and trade it in before it reaches 100,000 km. There are many myths about when a vehicle should be traded-in; however, the Canadian automotive market has been resilient, so the best time is when you are ready!

How do Car Dealers Determine Trade-In Value?

Dealerships use a variety of tools to assess the trade-in value of your vehicle. At Riverview Lincoln, you can utilize our advanced online instant trade-in value tool, or you can also bring in your vehicle, and we can inspect it in person. By bringing it in, we can provide a more accurate value because one of our trained consultants will be able to drive the vehicle. We will then take into account the factors mentioned above.