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The journey to purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time for anyone. The process of researching, learning, and deciding the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle is genuinely satisfying. One thing to keep in mind is not all buying experiences are the same, especially the vehicle itself. When financing with Lincoln, you will receive the most tailored and simple automotive buying experience every.

At Riverview Lincoln, we are excited to offer you a fantastic new vehicle inventory that features a great selection of new and used Lincolns for your consideration. Our finance centre is prepared to assist with the buying process and make sure you get behind the wheel of the Lincoln of your dreams. It doesn't matter whether you have poor credit; we will work with you and our long list of finance companies to get you the financing you need. There are many reasons why financing with Riverview Lincoln is the best option. Continue reading to learn more.


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    When you finance with Riverview and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, know that you are in the best hands. You will receive the same exceptional experience that you have received from our full lineup up of Lincolns and the Lincoln Motor Company.

    Reputable and Trustworthy Lender

    Financing with Riverview Lincoln and its long history of exceptional consumer experience, pair that with the century-long history of Lincoln Motor Company and its quality and trustworthy product and services, spells a successful recipe.

    Security and Peace of Mind

    We want you to protect your investment; that's why you will find a full suite of programs that are designed exclusively to keep you and your Lincoln safe in many of life's unpredictable situations.

    World-Class Customer Service

    We know we've mentioned it many times already. Still, we cannot stress enough that the level of service you will receive is unprecedented, especially when you take into consideration Lincoln's Concierge service. A 24/7 support line that will aid in services that include: roadside assistance and complimentary pickup and delivery, and a Lincoln loaner when yours needs to be serviced.

    Complimentary Credit Monitoring

    Lincoln Financial Services will also keep a close eye on your credit to make sure that there is no unusual activity.


    At Riverview Lincoln, in partnership with Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, we offer a direct, simple, client-focused financing experience; each interaction will be tailored to your unique individual situation. We provide the option of either financing or leasing your next vehicle; we want to provide options that fit your personal needs and wants.


    You can enjoy a new Lincoln on a regular cycle with your comprehensive leasing programs. Our Lincoln Red Carpet Lease offers excellent options and a variety of terms to fit your lifestyle. This will allow you to enjoy the luxurious experience of a new Lincoln more often.


    We invite you to choose from a wide range of new, certified pre-owned, or used Lincolns. With our standard Lincoln purchase, you won't have any limitations like mileage, excess wear and tear, and you can customize the vehicle any time you want.


    It's never been easier to finance with Riverside Lincoln. Our financial specialists are ready to help you with the simple process of getting finance for your next Lincoln. You can also trade in your current vehicle for one in our vast inventory and receive market value. If you have any questions about the process of financing or leasing your new vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.