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Proper Vehicle Maintenance Guidelines For Fredericton, NB


With a few simple check-ups and little effort, you can ensure that your vehicle remains in top shape for both the short and long term, no matter the time of year. At Riverview Lincoln, we're committed to helping you enjoy your vehicle for the long haul, which is why we're providing customers in and around Fredericton, NB with the following maintenance guidelines that will optimize their vehicle's health. Find out how you can best tend to your car year-round, and feel free to contact us for further details.


You can keep your vehicle in excellent form with a handful of simple, short-term check-ups our service centre will gladly help you with. Every month or so, remember to check your oil and coolant levels, as well as your air filter, as these are all integral to your engine's performance and can cause severe issues if neglected. We also suggest keeping an eye on your tires' pressure and tread depth, especially during the winter months. Rotating your tires is also recommended to ensure that your tires wear out evenly and optimize their lifespan. Furthermore, oil and filter changes are integral to keeping your motor humming, and you can always have a look at your owner's manual or get in touch with us for details on your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule. Whatever your parts and service needs, Riverview Lincoln will be happy to help.


Some vehicle components last longer than others, but leaving them unchecked over time can saddle you with some costly repairs. By following the factory recommendations in your owner's manual, you can spare yourself many long-term hassles. Important long-term check-ups include your transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, engine spark plugs, serpentine belt, shocks and struts, and differentials. Your owner's manual can fill you in on when to get these important components checked, and as always, our technicians will gladly inspect and replace them when the time comes.


Changes in seasons often come with changes in driving conditions, and it's important to prepare your car accordingly. Harsh winters can demand a lot of your vehicle's windshield wipers and battery, which is why we recommend getting your wipers changed and your battery checked once spring arrives. We'll also be happy to change your tires at winter's beginning and end. Speaking of winter, remember to keep an eye on your coolant levels during our colder months, as the fluid keeps your vehicle's radiator and engine components from freezing.

For more information or tips regarding your vehicle's seasonal, short- or long-term maintenance, feel free to get in touch with our dealership at your convenience.


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