Tips For Engine Maintenance To Have The Best Performance

Car Mechanic Doing An Inspection Of A Vehicle's Engine

Tips for Engine Maintenance & Best Performance

It's no secret your engine health is integral to keeping your vehicle running as it should, and Riverview Lincoln is here to provide you with a few valuable maintenance tips for optimal engine performance. If you're based in or around Fredericton, NB, find out what preventative measures you can take below to keep from booking your next service appointment with us sooner than you should.

Change Your Engine Oil Regularly

Engine oil is paramount to your engine's health, as it keeps its moving parts lubricated, minimizes wear and tear, and keeps unwanted dust and particles from raising a fuss. Remember to check your oil level every month, top it up if it's low, and book oil and filter changes with our Service Centre according to your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule.

Check Your Cooling System

An overheating engine is never a welcome sight, and you can prevent it by checking your cooling system regularly and filling its tank with coolant as needed. It also never hurts to check your engine temperature on hot days and shut the engine if it's close to overheating.

Let it Breathe

Your air filter is another key component of your engine health. If it isn't regularly changed, your filter can keep fuel from burning thoroughly and hurt your gas mileage. Our service and parts departments will gladly provide you with a new one and install it with minimal delay.

Look for Leaks

As a precaution, remember to look under your hood and car for leaks before hitting the road. If you spot any fuel, oil, or antifreeze leaks, visit our dealership as soon as you can to get them tended to.

Avoid Running on Reserve Fuel

Sediment resides at the bottom of your fuel tank and builds up over time. When your vehicle runs on reserve fuel, this residue enters your fuel pump and can cause damage and hurt your vehicle's performance. Spare yourself the potential hassles and expenses by filling your tank before your fuel levels hit the reserve.

Check Your Belts

Rubber belts are integral to keeping your engine running smoothly, and while they're designed to last, even they can wear down over time. If you hear a squealing sound coming from under your hood, odds are you need new belts, and we recommend getting them changed sooner than later, as they can cause serious damage to your engine components if they break while it's running.

Don't Ignore Your Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of many ways your engine can tell you it needs some TLC. This alert can mean any number of things, but don't ignore it, as you never know if and how serious the issue may be until you get it checked at our Service Centre.

Replace Your Fuel Filter

Much like your oil filter, the fuel filter keeps impurities in your gas from making their way into the engine's combustion chamber and tarnishing its performance. Replacing your fuel filter will ensure that your engine is treated to clean, free-flowing fuel.

Replace Your Spark Plugs & Wires

Like your rubber chains, spark plugs generally have a long lifespan. They may not need to be replaced often, but regular cleaning and maintenance will help your engine keep its spark.

Your Engine Doesn't Like Revving for Nothing

Engines perform at their best when your speed is steady, so if you do most of your driving in town, avoid revving it any more than you need to. Regular starts and stops require a lot of fuel and effort from your engine, and overly revving shortly before a stop only hurts your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Try to avoid sudden spikes and dips in acceleration to spare yourself any premature repairs and maintenance.

For more on how you can keep your engine fit and healthy for the long haul, contact us at Riverview Lincoln, and we'll be happy to advise you.

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