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Exploring the Safety Innovations in Lincoln's Vehicle Lineup

Exploring the Safety Innovations in Lincoln's Vehicle Lineup

Discover how Lincoln is revolutionizing safety in driving. Today, we'll explore the innovations that make Lincoln a leader in secure driving. From innovative collision prevention to advanced assistance, join us as we uncover the future of safe journeys.




Blind Spot Information System  


Drive with confidence using Lincoln's Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert. This system uses radar to warn you of vehicles in your blind spot and approaching from the sides when backing out.


Rear View Camera With Rear Camera Wash


End the guesswork with Lincoln's Rear View Camera. It provides a clear view of what's behind your vehicle. A simple solution is at your fingertips if the camera lens gets dirty.


Pre-collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking


This cutting-edge system is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a traffic accident. Using advanced camera technology, it identifies other vehicles and issues a collision warning. Moreover, it can apply the brakes if the driver doesn't take corrective action. 


Lane Keeping Assistance


Lincoln's Lane-Keeping System uses a windshield-mounted camera to track lane markings. The system constantly tracks for potential drifting. If this happens, it alerts and assists the driver through steering and the instrument cluster display.




Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering Assistance


In the Lincoln Nautilus, Adaptive Cruise Control does more than set speeds. Stop-and-Go adjusts to traffic, letting the car stop and move as needed. Lane Centring Assist keeps the vehicle centred.


Enhanced Active Park Assist


Simplify parking in specific vehicles with Enhanced Active Park Assist. Using sensors, it locates parking spots and assists in steering into them. Whether it's perpendicular or parallel parking, this feature smoothly guides you in and out. At the same time, you maintain control over the vehicle. 


Available 360-degree Camera


Four cameras create a bird's-eye view. They help in navigating tight spots and providing better visibility when reversing. A 180-degree split-view camera in the grille enhances visibility in front of the vehicle. 




Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control


Lincoln's Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control makes driving stress-free. The Stop-and-Go feature starts and stops the vehicle in heavy traffic as needed. 


Evasive Steering Assist


Lincoln's Evasive Steering Assist helps you navigate obstacles. It uses advanced sensors and works with Automatic Emergency Braking. The technology provides extra steering support when braking alone isn't enough to avoid a collision.


Reverse Brake Assist


Boost confidence with Lincoln's Reverse Brake Assist. If rear sensors detect obstacles while backing up, the system applies brakes. Thus ensuring a safer reversing experience.


Active Park Assist 2.0


Parking has never been more accessible with Lincoln's Active Park Assist 2.0. The system controls acceleration, braking, turning, or shifting in all parking scenarios. 


Learn More About Lincoln Safety! 


Upgrade your drive with the Lincoln safety innovations in Riverview, NB. Enjoy simple parking and better visibility from Enhanced Park Assist to the 360-degree camera. Learn more at the Riverview Lincoln dealership and experience Lincoln’s safety features.

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