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Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes in Fredericton, NB

Changing the oil is an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Your car's engine contains many moving parts that need to be well-lubricated. However, over time, the engine oil becomes contaminated with debris and dirt from the environment and the engine itself. As a result, the oil can no longer function effectively. Regularly changing your vehicle’s engine oil and filter helps keeps the engine functioning optimally.

Increases Longevity

Dirty oil often contains gunk that increases friction and accelerates wear. Replacing your engine oil regularly eliminates this gunk, ensuring your engine lasts longer, performs better, and operates more smoothly.

Maintains Working Temperature

Your car's engine generates a lot of heat from the fast-moving parts within it. Clean oil maintains proper lubrication of the various components and prevents them from overheating.

Improves Mileage

Friction is arguably the biggest enemy of your engine's performance. Since dirty oil increases the friction within your engine, it will decrease your engine's efficiency over time. Regular oil changes will combat this and help improve your car's mileage.

Reduces Emissions

A well-oiled engine produces fewer emissions than a neglected one. This is because fresh engine oil can better absorb harmful engine particles and engine by-product emissions.

Maintains Your Warranty

You should perform routine maintenance procedures as stated in your car's manual. Failing to do so can cause the manufacturer to void your warranty.

Visit Our Service Centre!

The benefits of regular oil changes cannot be overstated. Along with ensuring that your engine performs optimally, they also prevent costly repairs down the line. Visit us at Riverview Lincoln in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where we have an excellent Service Centre dedicated to keeping your vehicle in optimal condition.

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