100 Years Of Lincoln

100 Years of Lincoln

100 Years Of Lincoln

Lincoln has a long history of producing luxury vehicles with a reputation known globally. We at Riverview Lincoln are proud to stock the latest models from the Lincoln lineup in our new inventory. Not only does Lincoln have a strong history of producing some of the most luxurious cars in the world, but it's also leading ahead of the competition to create a bright future. Visit our showroom today to get a closer look at the newest Lincoln models available and book a test drive to experience the premium ride quality of a Lincoln vehicle.

The Journey Of Lincoln From 1922 To 1997

Lincoln in 1922

1922: Acquisition

The success of the Lincoln Motor Company continues as Ford bought it to create stylish yet practical vehicles. Although Henry Ford had already created the most popular car globally, Edsel had a bigger vision to create the best car in the world.

Lincoln Reinventing American Luxury

1924: Reinventing American Luxury

With the new acquisition, Lincoln started to produce the Lincoln Model L. This new model was produced with the new assembly line process, and it incorporated a luxurious design with stylish bodywork. 

Lincoln in 1924

1924: President's Favourite

Lincoln became even a larger sensation with the announcement that Calvin Coolidge had chosen Lincoln Model L as his presidential car, paving a road for many years to come. Lincoln continued to be the President's car from 1939 to 1972, providing to the nation that Lincoln produced vehicles that were truly luxurious and worthy of global attention.

Lincoln 1938 New Inspiration

1938: New Inspiration

With Edsel travelling around the globe and getting new ideas from his time in Europe, he returns to the design team at Lincoln with big ideas to make a new car that is continental. Thanks to those aspirations, the team began designing a completely new Lincoln ready to take on the global market.

Lincoln in 1939

1939: A New Legend Is Born

The Lincoln Continental is born, taking the public by storm with its progressive styling and elegant appearance. It was regarded as the most elegant automobile ever made and was named "the most beautiful car in the world" by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Not to mention, he also bought two Lincoln Continentals.

Lincoln in 1951

1951: Work Of Art

The Continental's success continued even past the automobile industry, as it was showcased as a piece of art in New York's modern art museum with seven other automobiles. The Continental was displayed with these vehicles since they exhibited excellence as works of art.

Lincoln 1976 Luxury

1976: Luxury & Beyond

Lincoln started expanding its reach by partnering with contemporary designers to make new special edition series automobiles to reach a wider audience. From those partnerships, Lincoln was able to get new iconic designs from various luxury fashion brands.

Lincoln 1997 SUV

1997: The SUV Perfected

With the SUV market booming in year-to-year sales, Lincoln created the 1998 Navigator, a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle seen as the perfect SUV model. It has gone afterwards to become the #1 selling vehicle in the newly emerging luxury SUV segment, paving the way for many more models to follow.

Future Plans

Although the last century brought Lincoln lots of success, the momentum has not slowed down, as the company continues to break through with new designs and ideas to meet the modern driver's needs. Lincon predicts that half of its global sales will be zero-emission vehicles as the shift leans towards zero-emissions vehicles. By 2030, Lincoln aims to have an entirely electrified lineup of vehicles. However, customers can expect to see the first fully electric model to join the plug-in hybrid Aviator and plug-in hybrid Corsair SUVs in 2022.

Financing Options

With the latest Lincoln models arriving with the most advanced features on the market, there's no better time to explore the lineup. Our dealership can assist you during your vehicle search for your dream Lincoln, and you can depend on our Finance Centre for assistance in securing the best financing and leasing options. You can also bring your older vehicle as a trade-in, lowering the purchase price of your desired Lincoln model.

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